Dance Testimonials

"5 stars for Releve Studios.  I have so many wonderful things to say about Jodi Shilling and Relevé.  Their studios are so beautiful,spacious, clean and bright. The absolute best dance space I have seen since moving to Los Angeles 10 years ago.  From the moment you walk in you can sense the warm yet professional atmosphere set by Jodi and her staff.  Via their outreach program Relevé is also the in house dance instruction provider to my daughter's elementary school. Jodi and her top notch staff have given such a great dance foundation and appreciation to all of the kids at her school across all the grades. The student body loves the program and loves all of the teachers.  As head of the youth division at a talent agency I always recommend Relevé Studios to all of my clients who are looking for dance training and I shall continue to do so for many years to come.  Cannot say enough good things!!!"

— Pamela W

"This is my 6-year old daughter's second year doing ballet at Relevé. I have always loved the atmosphere of the place. The staff and teachers are very warm and welcoming. As for the students, it's very inspiring to watch their hard work throughout the year and then to see them perform at the recital. 

There is a waiting room where you get to sit and watch your child on a large flat-screen TV. And the last Saturday of every month is "viewing day" where you get to go inside the classroom and watch.  

So far my daughter has had Ms. Julie and Ms. Jodi (the owner) as her teachers and they are both excellent with young children. They have just the right amount of patience and discipline while having a fun routine that the kids enjoy."

— Michelle C

"My two young boys have taken tap and now hip-hop classes and ALL THEY TALK ABOUT is "When do we get to go back to hip hop?" They take a lot of classes outside of school: Freerunning, robot-building, sports, but they are most excited about a DANCE CLASS. 

I believe this is due to the constant atmosphere of positive support and high-quality at Relevé. The studio is always an uplifting place to take kids, to learn any dance style as well as take music and performance classes. The teachers have the skills and experience for sure, but it's the support and the KIND of people they are that make this place much better than other dance studios. 

One class. Try one class for yourself or your kids and you'll be hooked."

— Cory E

"Relevé Studios is like family/home.  Whether you have been there for years or 3 months, you automatically feel love and passion from the students and instructors...

I started Relevé in 2010 and I cannot believe the progress I have made... Not only in dancing, but acting AND singing.  You meet such amazing people who give their 100% everyday to the kids.  If the owner of the studio hadn't made Relevé I probably wouldn't have even discover my love for performing."

— Arianne M

"After checking out multiple studios in the valley, it was a RELEVE with thumbs up for Relevé! My young daughter started with a ballet/tap class 18 months ago, and performed great at the UNBELIEVABLY, BEAUTIFUL, PROFESSIONAL recital (ask to watch the DVD)!!!! She now takes THREE classes there, including her favorite Company Team and Mini-Musical classes! The instructors are beyond FANTASTIC and beyond those at our previous studios!!!!"

— Marcie F

"With only two years of having my 4 year old daughter attend the ballet program at the Relevé Dance Studio I must say I love the expectations they set for the children, it is a wonderful atmosphere & an excellent growing experience. The studio is a happy place, with a warm environment where they can come & develop their gift of dancing.  Everyone there is extremely friendly, warm hearted & welcoming. The girls really learn how to dance here; they are pushed just the right amount to make them want to come back every day, & love every minute of it! Going there gives them a chance to be productive with their time, while still doing something that they can enjoy.

The instructors are lovely & really devote their time to making sure that the child is performing at the best of their abilities. Their goal is to make sure your child will grow to be at a fine level of dancing & will devote themselves to it.  The instructor makes sure she focuses just enough amount of time on each child to have them advance in the art. They are extremely patient, yet firm on their teaching skills & share their passion of dancing with the children. 

When my daughter first began the course she was a bit timid & didn't feel too confident in herself, but with the help of the instructors she was able to come out of her shell & express herself passionately thru dancing. I have two other children & cannot wait till they are also at the age level to be enlisted as well. If you have you young children that are showing an interest in dancing I would highly recommend you to have them give the class at try. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!"

— Natalie Z

"My daughter has taken 3 different classes here and loved them all.  The location is great (and huge!) and parking is ample although a bit of a walk. Their recitals and photographs do cost more than other studios but it's worth it because Relevé always does everything first class. My 4-yo was entranced through the entire recital production."

— Alegra R

"We've had the best experience at Relevé!  I've been meaning to drop a note on many occasions to let you know when we've been touched by the kind & nurturing atmosphere of the studio.  Yesterday Laurie was beyond thoughtful in helping us work out Camille's classes.  It was a busy afternoon at the studio & Lori was gracious even in the face of my glaring error for not enrolling Camille earlier!  A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Jodi. Camille was nervous taking a Broadway Jazz class for the first time. Jodi was reassuring & kind & walked her in to meet her teacher. Camille ended up having a lovely time.   That's been our Relevé experience at every turn.....kind, nurturing, talented people who share their love of dance with kids in a really fantastic way!"

— Clarissa C

"I've taken a few of the classes offered at Relevé (Adult Tap, Ballroom, and Hip Hop) and for a white guy with two left feet, I have to say I was excited to find a place that had the patience to teach a slow learner like me.  The instructors are great and really know how to communicate and make learning to dance easy and fun.  I now how the confidence to go salsa dancing, knowing I'm not going to be stepping on toes.  Thanks Relevé!!!"

— Keith B

"Relevé is amazing it is such a friendly environment and all the teachers are incredibly amazing they all have unique and awesome styles that help us grow as a dancer is so many ways . We learn so much at dance  :) I have grown as a dancer in many different ways that I didn't think I could do ... And relevé gives you many opportunities like to perform,compete,ect. This is truly a amazing studio!!!!"

— Brianna C

"My grandson is now taking Hip Hop, for the boys, and he is having a great time.  Loves working with AJ and always looks forward to seeing Jodi.  He is very excited about being in the Recital in June and looking forward to all the other things planned for the Boys Hip Hop.  Thank you Relevé for always coming up with different dances that includes every age.

My grand daughter has been with Relevé since the day they opened. She  loves taking all the different class(tap,hop hop,jazz,etc) The teachers are very professional, considerate, and very friendly.  The owner takes such special pride in all of her students.  Thank you for making this such a great and wonderful experience for her."

— Elaine B

"Relevé dance studio is a great place for your child to take dance classes(modern,tap,hip hop,jazz,ballet,etc). The teachers are great in teaching new choreography to the students and give positive feedback. My two daughters take dance classes at Relevé and they love it. Great opportunity for child to achieve self esteem, and have a passion for a great art. There are many dance rooms with cameras so you may watch in the lobby on a big screen. Staff is very helpful!"

— Jose C

"Relevé is an amazing place! They are so professional, yet I felt like I was part of the "family!" The dance instructors are great, especially Jodi, the owner, and make sure to devote special attention to each individual student. Relevé is not just for kids! As an adult student, I had so much fun and learned a lot. Would definitely take another class there!"

— Angelique L

"I can honestly say that Relevé Studios has deeply affected my life, and so much of the person I am to day is because of this studio.  The term "relevé" means to lift up, and that is exactly what the studio's purpose is.  I felt myself lifting and growing as a dancer, and all around as a person.  

Not only are the teachers well trained, professional, and completely care about each and every student, but the owner & manager are always present, and friendly to all. Although I haven't been there in a year, I still sincerely consider Relevé as my second family, and it holds a place very near and dear to my heart.  

Every student looks out for another, and grow as one.  The variety of levels and classes provides a comfortable environment for each dancer to learn at their own individual pace & level, and grow each and every year.  All teachers have a unique style, and I have nothing bad to say about ANY of them.

Jodi, Releve's owner, I have grown to know and become close to all these years, and I will never forget something that made me think the WORLD of her.  I tried out for the studio's competition team, let's see...for three years!  The first year I auditioned, I didn't make it, and to be honest was disappointed because I thought I would.  After learning that I had not, Jodi sent me the most amazing letter, one that I often still read from time to time.  She reassured me that I was still a talented and beautiful dancer, encouraged me to never give up, keep on trying, and to re-audition.  It was so clear and evident to me that she cared and truly wanted to help me improve even MORE, and become a stronger dancer.  Last year, I made the competition team (although I had to turn down my invitation for personal reasons).

All in all, my experience at Relevé has been and - I have full confidence - will continue to be inspirational, profound, and a place to build memories and friendships to last a lifetime."

— Emily M

"Relevé is a great dance studio. My kids just started going there couple of months ago and they absolutely love it. They don't cry anymore when its time to go to dance class. Thank you Relevé."

— Joanne S

"Relevé is the first studio that my daughter has really grown as a dancer. The classes are not overcrowded like some studios that she has been at. The teachers are very professional and positive with the students."

— Sue F

"Professional, dedicated, living up to their name "relevé" and lifting up each student. I personally appreciated that their music and costumes were age appropriate. And their recitals were theatrical, educational, and truly enjoyable. Top-notch studio."

— Catherine G

"I just wanted to thank you all and her instructor AJ for a great year. All of the hard work paid off and I look forward to Kennedy returning. I think watching the performances gave her a new excitement about dance.

My family, friends, and I really enjoyed all of the performances. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the kindness of you and the staff. You were always kind and professional whenever there was a question or concern. I have to say my family and friends also expressed the same. So again thank you for everything."

— R & K

"I just wanted to tell you both how impressed I was with the studio and with the staff there.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  I was treated as if we were friends for a long time.  Catherine was so helpful and eager to answer any questions I had.  She brought in Julie (hopefully, future teacher of my 4 yr old) into the conversation.  I inquired about the past recital that you just had.  They were both so enthusiastic about it and even showed me the pictures you had on the wall.

I’ve got to tell you, I was so pleased and happy with the reception that I got from everyone there.  [Our previous studio] got so busy sometimes that I felt like I was invisible.  Judging from the 10 minutes that I was at Relevé, I know that I won’t ever feel that way.

There was another woman I spoke to while I was there.  I believe she may have been a parent of one of your students?  Anyway, she spoke to me as if we had known each other for a while.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was really happy with the friendliness of everyone there.  I didn’t feel ignored or in the way.  So, thank you for that."

— Charmaine B

"Thank you for everything... My kids are so happy at Relevé with you and all your team..."

— Sanderine E

"I can't thank you enough for all your time and attention you all give to our little sweetie. You must know she means the world to us.  I know your studio provides so much to all the kids that come through there.  Your teachers are so attentive not to mention talented.  Please know how grateful we are that our paths have crossed".

— Roz N

"I wanted to say "thank you" in person last night, but things were a bit crazy at the end of the night. Wiyatta told me that she asked some of your Relevé dancers to participate in my film last weekend, and they did a FANTASTIC job. Thank you so much! Your students never cease to impress me...whether they are acting or they are dancing, they are always incredibly talented, professional, polite, and just simply sweet human beings. Thank you for helping us with my project. I'm sending everyone a copy of the DVD, and I'll be sure to give you one as well. They were remarkable, and you have an amazing group of young ladies to teach! Excellent job!"

-Brittany G.

— Clarissa C

"I just thought I'd write and let you know that the performances were absolutely fantastic and wonderful. Congratulations to you and all the incredible staff and performers at Relevé. May you grow from strength to strength and we look forward to seeing you again in the fall. I was very proud to be a part of the Relevé family."

— Bronwyn S

"Let me begin by saying OMG the recital was so fabulous.  Jillian really enjoyed performing in the Kids Next Door and we loved the entire show immensely!  You and your staff are amazing and to be commended for a top-notch show executed with seeming ease and such professionalism while still maintaining a fun and non-stressed environment for the students and shear pleasure for the parents and audience!" 

— Terri L

"I want to thank you so much for providing an environment where my autistic teenage daughter can thrive.  I was moved to tears last night watching her as she worked so hard to perform as well as the other girls--AND SUCCEEDING FOR THE MOST PART!

She loves dancing and she had tried at several studios before, but she just couldn't keep up (or no one tried hard enough to assist, or she felt singled out..., or whatever the reason, she would come home crying and not go back).  

At Relevé, she has felt continual support, without being pushed too hard, or feeling limitations imposed or feeling she has been singled out--just the right balance somehow.

I am so happy that she has a place to express herself through dancing now and want to express my gratitude to you for providing this haven for her."

— Anonymous

Acting Testimonials

"Thank  you all so very much for a spectacular Alice in Wonderland production!

You all did a phenomenal job with the kids! The theater was amazing, costumes unbelievable, and of course the love and respect you have for the kids was shining as bright as ever!

Thank you all for making Nicole and Danielle's first theatrical production experience one they will never forget!!" 

— Lori C

"This studio is the reason I love to perform.  I've taken vocal lessons, acting lessons, and dance lessons.  I go to Relevé almost everyday and the teachers there are very professional, modest, and most of all very motivating.  This studio isn't just for kids, but it's also for adults. There's a lot of things to do there and a lot of people to meet.  It's such a fun place to be!!"

— Anonymous

Music Testimonials

"I have been singing for over 20 years, so I am constantly surprised by how much I learn and grow in each lesson with Karen. She has a gift for isolating subtle and specific vocal issues, and she has provided me with the tools to tackle those issues, all the while strengthening my technique, my range, and my confidence to new heights. Karen’s own commitment to learning is one of her biggest assets as a teacher, taking the valuable tools she’s gained in her professional music career and passing them on to her students. Thanks to Karen’s technical and moral support over the past year, I have taken huge strides in my music career. Karen is an excellent coach and a lovely human being; she is kind, funny, caring, and a joy to be with. Thanks for everything, Karen!"

— Devon D

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