Class Descriptions


Learn partner stunts, floor gymnastics, control, strength, and flexibility in this fast moving class. Many dancers like to compliment their technique with an acro class.


The primary focus of this class is improvisation skills that are as useful in life as in acting. Students will build confidence, learn valuable communication skills, team working abilities, accountability, and creative problem solving. The best part of improv is that it’s so much fun students don’t even realize that they’re learning. The class also touches on scene work, monologues, auditioning, and other important foundations of performing. Because of the team aspect of improv and acting, students are expected to attend class regularly and be responsible for keeping up with scripts and memorizing lines.


The foundation of all dance styles, ballet technique is taught focusing on understanding of the body and its use in the dance style, coordination, musicality, strength building, flexibility and discipline. Introduction of steps and vocabulary increases by level.

Boys Hip-Hop Crew

The  Boys Hip Hop Crew will focus on bringing together male youth (7 yrs & Up) in a positive environment to teach the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of Hip Hop Dancing. The Crew will work on fun, age appropriate choreography that will be showcased at several events throughout the local California area. The Crew is taught by experienced positive male role models. Interested students are welcomed to join at any time.


A high energy class that involves proper body placement and alignment, stretches, and jazz technique while improving flexibility, strength, and musicality. Dancers also incorporate their individual expression and develop their personal style through characterization work. Broadway soundtracks and music are used in this class. (Teen students may be asked to dance in character shoes.) 

Combo Classes for our Younger Students

An introductory class for our youngest students, this class is a fantastic option to expose children to two dance styles: Ballet/Tap, Tap/Jazz, Ballet/Jazz, Tap/Hip-Hop, Ballet/Hip-Hop etc. Children will learn the most basic steps and vocabulary in a nurturing, fun environment. In addition, the teacher uses creative exercises, music and games to encourage imaginations, performing skills, vocabulary, and step-recall.

Competition Teams: Elevé and Assemblé

Team rehearsals work towards competing at local, regional and national competitions as well as local performances. Auditions are required for placement for ages 4-18. For more please contact us.


A mix of jazz, ballet, and modern, this one-hour class will focus on technique, correct body placement, core strength, musicality, and exploring the fusion of 3 dance styles in warm up, across the floor, center work, and combinations.

D-Tech™ (Dancer's Technique)

This class focuses on intense technique and execution of turns, leaps, jumps and progressions while also working flexibility and endurance through stretching/toning exercises.


Private acustic guitar lessons starting at age 7 through adult, beginning through advance training available.

Half-Pint Hip-Hop™

Yes your little one can be funky too! This high-energy class is all about learning rhythm, body awareness, spatial awareness (staying in your space bubble), and simple choreography. Your hip hopper will enhance their coordination, musicality and creative thought while dancing to children's music set to a hip hop beat.


This class is for students who are familiar with the basic footwork, hip and hand movements associated with Hawaiian and Tahitian dance. This fast-paced class covers Hula Kahiko (ancient chants), Hula Au'ana (modern hula), Tahitian O'tea (drum dances) and Tahitian Aparima (Tahitian "hand dance" similar to hula). We also learn proper technique and dances using all the Hawaiian implements: ipu, uli uli, pu'ili and kala'au. 

Hawaiian: Keiki Hula (Hula for young children) 

Learn to hula in a fun & exciting environment. Students wear traditional pa'u skirts in class and learn the basic hand and foot movements used in both ancient and modern hula. We start with "Kawika" - one of the four foundation numbers. Students become familiar with the Hawaiian language and learn to chant while they perform the ancient polynesian dances. We learn many modern hulas and tahitian drum dances.


Hip-hop is a popular, energetic dance style, usually danced to hip-hop music, that has evolved from the hip-hop culture. 


Hip and fun, this class works a dancer's technique, lines, strength, flexibility, style and performance.

Jazz Funk

Jazz up your Hip Hop moves in this exhilarating class! A workout with great choreo!

Jazz Fusion

A dynamic jazz based class that may infuse other styles of dance any given week.  Afro-jazz, Latin Jazz, Bolly-jazz, anything goes in this class, and that's what makes it so fun.  This one class is a great way to broaden your dance resume and let loose in styles you may have never imagined trying, all in the comfort of technical jazz roots.

Latin Ballroom

A fun way to learn to partner up and learn how to dance like the stars. You will learn coordination, movement, and dancing steps (cha cha, samba, rumba, jive, swing, tango, salsa, waltz, foxtrot and more). No partner needed for these group classes.


A cross between Ballet & Jazz, lyrical gives dancers the opportunity to dance with a little more freedom of expression and style while still emphasizing their technique. Dancers work on their flexibility, technique and musicality each class.

Mini Musical Theatre

Discover the joy of dancing, singing and acting. Your child will enhance their movement, singing and imaginative abilities. Class focuses on learning, songs, simple choreography and acting out scenes from popular Broadway plays.  (Selections have been from "The Lion King", "Annie", "Mary Poppins", "The Wizard of Oz", "Robin Hood", "Cinderella", "Toy Story", "Finding Nemo", "Tangled", "Peter Pan", "Hairspray" and more.) Children will also play dress up, dance with props and use their own creativity to make up original stories. Every 8-10 weeks, the class presents a showcase where your little thespians share with you their mini musical.  (There will be approximately 10 showcases throughout the year - Aug-June)  $660 for the year (payable in 10 recurring payments).

Musical Theatre

Students get to hone their triple-threat skills: acting, singing and dancing! This workshop concludes with a performance. Beginners through seasoned performers are welcome to take this workshop, as everyone will have their moments to shine in the end performance!

Parent & Me

(AKA: Big & Little™) Your child will love this 45 minute class filled with creative music and dance in a fun, safe environment with Mom, Dad or both! (6-24 months) 


Private piano lessons for ages 6 through adult, beginning through advanced.

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

Offered with instructor approval and a level III or higher, ballet dancers learn the art of dancing en pointe.


Fast paced and energetic, this rhythmic class focuses on basic tap vocabulary and steps. Performance skills and musicality are emphasized, and steps and vocabulary increase by level. 


Private instruction for beginners through advanced age 6 through adult. Students learn vocal technique and excercises as well as work on selected pieces in pop, classical, or musical theatre genres.

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