Contemporary TeensAbout Relevé Studios

Relevé means to lift up...

...and that's what we do.  We lift up our students.  Our goal is to foster a love for creating and performing while building skills and confidence in our students,  I'm elated to say that I see that happening every day.  There is no greater reward than to see a student accept and believe in their unique self and develop their gifts.  What a joy to see a them grow and progress!

Relevé is more than a performing arts studio.  It's a community of people passionate about building each other up and supporting and encouraging each other to grow. I would love nothing more than for you to come see what I'm talking about.  Sign-up for your trial classes today!

Jodi Shilling
Artistic Director/Owner

Mission Statement

Relevé Studios aims to nurture creative minds with enthusiasm and expertise, helping clients develop professionalism, versatility, and proficiency in all aspects of the performing arts, encouraging them to strive for excellence both in spirit and in their artistic endeavors.

Relevé   (rel-uh-vay)



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